ON THE WING: With Iranian New Year’s Day, Nowruz, coming March 21, Persian Canadians reportedly raised $125,000 at the Neekoo Philanthropic Society’s eighth annual soirée. The committee head and LaStella winery co-principal, Saeedeh Salem, said it will fund grants for some 30 low-income students The event’s “angel” supporters were Hamid and Arya Eshgi. Her father, Daved Mowfaghian, has donated many millions to B.C. cultural, educational and medical facilities. L.A.-based soirée entertainer Rana Mansour’s latest song, Zan (Woman), seemed to reflect International Women’s Day and contemporary Iran: “I am the voice of our generation. Even if you bind my wings, I am more free than ever before … If you think your arms are strong, I will tear off this blinding veil … I will make the dark, black sky bright and full of stars.” Happy New Year, indeed.

Hamid and Arya Eshghi were “angel” supporters when a Neekoo Philanthropic Society soiree reportedly raised $125,000 to fund 30 student grants.

Committee chair Saeedeh Salem welcomed singer Rana Mansour when a Neekoo Philanthropic Society grant-funding soiree anticipated Persian New Year

The Neekoo soiree saw Tandar Tanavoli wear jewellery by father Parviz whose temporary detainment in Iran she helped overcome.


Source: Vancouver Sun