Vision and Objective

Neekoo Philanthropic Society began as an idea, a dream, a hope. Our vision in establishing Neekoo has been to organize an event once a year to bring our community together. From there, we hope to help the younger generation who could use a helping hand to succeed in their dreams and enable them to pursue their passion by providing them with financial assistance as well as mentorship.

Neekoo, as the word means, is rooted in the vision: to provide goodness and guidance. Our vision for Neekoo is to create a new culture of giving and to teach the youth the ultimate gift of compassion, humanity and contribution. It is through these sorts of initiatives that we aim to continue to expand the circle of love and human kindness.

The primary goal of Neekoo is to provide educational grants to students who are struggling to afford an education and to help them pursue their passion and dreams. Neekoo is about an idea of helping to make a difference.

The secondary goal of Neekoo is to provide an opportunity for Iranian-Canadian professionals to collaborate and socialize in addition to providing mentorship and support to the younger generation. Neekoo is about reconnecting.

About Neekoo

Neekoo is a registered not-for-profit organization established in Spring 2012 by a group of Iranian-Canadian professionals in Vancouver, BC. Neekoo has no religious or political affiliation.

Neekoo provides educational grants to students in financial need through funds raised by sponsors and donors.

Students who receive Neekoo’s educational grants are selected from a pool of applicants registered in Canadian colleges and universities – each applicant is interviewed by Neekoo Grant Review Committee.

Our Hopes Moving Forward….

With your support, Neekoo Philanthropic Society can make a difference! When we met the young, passionate, and hard-working students struggling to cover basic costs of living which we often take for granted, it left us more committed and determined to work hard to be able to support more students in the future.


Neekoo Philanthropic Society was founded and continues to expand based on a team focused approach. We could not be where we are without the efforts of our team:

The Neekoo Philanthropic Society is comprised of the following Directors of the Board:

  • Saeedeh Salem
  • Tandar Tanavoli
  • Bita Ghassemzadeh
  • Atussa Heravi
  • Delaram Shafagh
  • Setareh Amiri

In addition, Neekoo is driven by an amazing group of Committee Members consisting of:

  • Soha Lavin
  • Sahar Hosseini
  • Shahrzad Hakimzadeh
  • Sanaz Esfahani
  • Mahshid Poursartip
  • Nahal Gamini
  • Azadeh Eltejaei
  • Elly Safari
  • Soudi Mousavi